Food, Nutrition and Health

In recent years, food, nutrition and health have been paid much attention because of increasing awareness of great social burden for treating chronic diseases. Foods are like a coin, which are good things for our health when we eat right because they provide various essential nutrients. On the other hand, foods may be bad things for our health when we eat wrong, in particular to excessive intake, because it will cause serious disorders or even chronic disease for a long term point. Different food materials vary greatly in composition and may exhibit quite different nutritional value and functions, and furthermore, processing and storage may also make a great impact on nutritional values of food materials and the processed products.

This special issue of Food Materials Research is seeking original research or review articles focusing on: nutrition and functions of various food materials, in vivo or in vitro digestibility of food components, food intake and its associations with gut microbiota, liver metabolism, immunity, IBD, diabetes, obesity and so on.

Guest Editor

Chunbao Li, College of Food Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, China

Submission Deadline

August 31, 2023. All papers will be published online after acceptance.

Submission Instructions

Please submit the full manuscript to Food Materials Research via our online submission system. Please choose the topic of this Special Issue when submitting and specify it in your cover letter. For further inquiries, please contact guest editor:

Chunbao Li (